Larry's process

His process is simple and fast. Your proposal (including AutoCAD designs and equipment lists) will be ready within a matter of weeks. Your budget will guide every step of the way as we develop your plan. Larry will work with you and fit in with your preferred delivery style.

If you want updates on how a job is progressing, Larry can provide these for you. His approach to design and business is to find the right solution that fits the client and not the other way around. What sets Larry apart from the rest is that on top of his 13 step process, Larry prides himself in his 14th step which he calls, The Ongoing Relationship.

"I continuously offer to support my clients even when the job is finished. I believe in business, clients should be encouraged to be able to contact me for any additional assistance or support. The success of my consultancy has been based on this concept."

So take a look below at Larry's design wave and you can see the process for yourself. Hover your mouse over any of the steps to learn more about them.


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