Who is Larry Andersen?

Larry Andersen, principal consultant, has over 35 years experience in food services.

As a Professional member of the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FSCI), Larry is among a very small group of Australians that meets the selective criteria required for admission to the Society. This is evidence of the knowledge and experience he has amassed through hands-on activity within the hospitality, design and construction industries. This also gives Larry’s clients the edge he has been hands-on in every role in the kitchen and thus has added insight that only first-hand experience can offer.

With over 35 years of experience in the food services environment, Larry Andersen has hands-on experience as a chef, catering manager, executive chef, management consultant and food service specialist. He also has more than fourteen years experience as an independent food services design consultant too. As a professional member of the FCSI, he brings with him the experience to identify the best opportunities for short-term cost savings and combine them with long-term cost efficiencies. He makes sense of the questions you have about capital costs, savings, profits, food costs and labour.

Over 35 years he has many successes which all can be contributed to his extensive training gained from 9 years with the Australian Military Forces. After he had completed his time in the Military, he went on to established and managed many successful venues. Notably, he was responsible for the concept and success of the original Silks Restaurant at Albion Park Raceway in 1984. The restaurant quickly gained international recognition and substantial financial success under Larry’s stewardship.

Larry is a dedicated husband, father and grandfather with family spread between Australia and the USA. He continues to adapt his business to service both his clients and family needs in both countries. During his career he has also been actively involved with several community based interest groups including local school and church organization groups. As his family grew, his career naturally changed direction as he entered the construction industry with one of Australia’s leading commercial kitchen contracting companies. He quickly gained notability and success for himself as a design/construct specialist and designed many successful projects throughout Australia.

In 1997 he established himself as an independent foodservice consultant to pursue his passion and personal dream of providing the best possible designs for his clients and their business objectives. Over the last 14 years he has been involved both nationally and international on many successful projects and still continues to develop new and exciting concepts for his clients.

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